Monday, May 22, 2017

Beginning with the April issued of the "HAMILTON POST," I have resurrected my "The Way We Were" byline which I used for so many years with the gone but never forgotten, "Mercer Messenger" and later, the "Hamilton Observer." It proved to be a popular column with the mature and senior citizen demographic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Henry N. Smith - Fashion Stud Farm

One of the more fascinating historical places in Hamilton along with Charles Fulkert's Bromley Inn is the Fashion Stud Farm, once located in the area of Hamilton in the area of the New Jersey State Fair grounds. Newspaper descriptions of Smith's Fashion Stud Farm indicated that it was a sumptuous facility with a grandstand, a race track and the home of the fabled "Goldsmith Maid," whose tomb is now on the Kuser Farm property. General Grant kept his horse at the Fashion Stud Farm. Unfortunately, the farm was involved in a number of destructive fires over the years of its existance. Back then, there was no Bromley fire company, and fires were fought by Trenton fire companies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Trenton Musical "get together" included numerous names with which I am familiar. Among them, William Groom (Bill's Dad?), Kirkham, Giedlin, Radice and Cook.

Saturday, March 14, 2009



Detective-Constable-Policeman Dennis Frawley was a very well known individual in the Hamilton area. Along with Constable Ceaser from the Broad Street Park area, rural Hamilton was under the watchful eyes of these lawmen. Early 20th century newspapers have many articles of the roving bands of Gypsies that wandered around the area and getting into all sorts of trouble. The article above shows how Frawley drove 'em out of town.


Back in the first decade of the 29th century, the local press always included Bromley news under the "Wilbur" area community news. Bromley had not yet earned a reputation as being a viable neighborhood, when compared with Wilbur, which bordered Bromley eastward from North and South Logan Avenue.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1914: The Copes of Bromley

I went to school with all kinds of "Copes." Richard, who went on to be a Hamilton Fire Co. legend, was in my class of '51. Another Richard Cope, whom we dubbed "Dick,"(in order not to confuse the two Richards), was also in my class of '51, and indeed, he dated my dear wife of 55 years, Judy Britton while we were in Kuser Annex. Then there was Edward Cope, also an HHS '51 classmate, and his "little brother" Alan Cope who was also part of my high school years. Did I confuse you? Join the club! Believe me, it was very difficult to cope with all the Copes!